Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Venture - Into The Arena Of DUBSTEP

Hello Again, Dave Slapp back at you with the latest Myc Ripley happenings. Oh, I remember. DUBSTEP!!! You need it in your life! Myc Ripley, your Zaybahood Sharkie is transitioning and touching a lot of unorthodox music. Especially, DUBSTEP!!!! I can't type it enough... DUBSTEP!!!! DUBSTEP!!!! DUBSTEP!!!! DUBSTEP!!!!.. Ok, I think its out of me.. First installment is "West Coast Rocks" remix by The Glitch Mob (Los Angeles, CA). "West Coast Rocks" was first made by Matty G (Santa Cruz, CA) and Myc Ripley (San Jose, CA) being lived in NorCal and SoCal thought it'd be only right to add vocals to this remix.

You can hear and read the review of The Glitch Mob Remix with Myc Ripley here at

Glitch Mob - West Coast Rocks review

*drum roll please*

Here is the final product! Myc Ripley "West Coast Rocks" From the Bay to LA for the world... Enjoy!!!

West Coast Rocks by mycripley


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