Saturday, March 31, 2012


In support of a great idea from an influential San Jose emcee Dem One, this post is to inform you and hope you participate in SJ$1Day!!!

SJ$1Day is an initiative sponsored by The idea is to get as many people as possible to spend at least $1 on San Jose based music today March 31st 2012.

In support of this movement I am asking everybody to do a couple things:

Spend at least $1 on local music

Post about what purchases you make and provide suggestions for local artists that others can support

Thanks in advance for your support and participation! Here are some albums available for $1.

The Slappelle Show - Season One

The Slappelle Show - Bootlegs & Bleezies

The Slappelle Show - Season Two

Myc Ripley in The Adventures of Jack Rabbid

Luck o'The Irich - Theme Musick

Amidst The Darkness - The Prequel

408 & Heartbreak

Myc Ripley is Al Trebec


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