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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Myc Ripley (10/8/14 performance recap)

On the night of October 8th, Myc Ripley shared his heart and soul with those who attended the "Fighting Words Tour" featuring Diabolic from NY and many other artists from the San Jose area. This performance was by far one of the best ones given by the California native and #lifeonchill man himself. He graced the stage for about 20 minutes total and kept heads bobbin' and the folks in tune the whole time. Below are some friend submitted pictures, photos were not taken because every Myc Ripley show is a rare occasion. One must attend to see the amazing talent this man holds. Thanks to 408inc Booking, Playa Rae, The Cypher, Diabolic, and everyone else who made this possible. You are appreicated! Be on the lookout for The Slappelle Show 3 - Introspection.


In the middle levitating, caught up in this limbo!!! By @408inc "@mycripley_ live @backbarsj in San Jose #fightinwordstour #diabolic #408inc #musicmediagiants" #lifeonchill

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Myc Ripley performing at "Diabolic | #FightinWordsTour" San Jose 10/08/14

On September 16th, Diabolic released his latest solo album titled “Fightin Words”. For fans of Diabolic, anticipation is at it’s peak right now. The album consists of production from the Legendary DJ Premier and features from none other than R.A. The Rugged Man, Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Sean Price, Apathy, Celph Titled & more. It’s absolutely some of his best work to date. 310 different kickstarter backers who backed a recent campaign for the album will vouch for it; and have. That speaks volumes in terms of support.

In October, that is where the tour kicks in. The Fightin Words Tour is ready to hit the road and showcase music from the album in support of it’s release. Not only that, but he will also be performing classic Diabolic tracks from his previous releases. If you caught him for shows on the War & Peace Tour w/Brother Ali & Immortal Technique then you know his stage performance is on point and very entertaining.

The tour makes a stop in San Jose, CA on October 8th at Back Bar SoFA brought to you by 408inc Media and The Cypher. Performing on this stop will be L.I.F.E (Six of Seven) Joe Cutter, Haez 1, YDMC with Madman & Maqsteez. Also, Myc Ripley will be performing some new and old material in anitcipation of his new release as well. The Slappelle Show Season 3 | Introspection.





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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Myc Ripley - "Fall Back" | NEW MUSIC #FALLBACKFRIDAY Exclusive to FB like page

Myc Ripley back at it again, and this time with a new track leading up to the 4 EP album release of "The Slappelle Show - Season 3 | Introspection" #TSS3.

On July 18th he released an exclusive to Facebook fans for liking the page!! The track is titled, "Fall Back" its explains a little about the forthcoming moves that are gonna be needed to level up. Making wiser choices with time, associations and so forth. It had to be done and some things just have to be left alone where they are at. Let's just put it this way, life is change and Myc Ripley is definitely about transformation! I didn't work this hard to stay in the same place.

To listen to this track hit the facebook fan page click like and it will access the download of the track for your listening pleasure!! #lifeonchill

Myc Ripley - "Sumxz" [sometimes] | NEW MUSIC

I've been wanting to sample Pink Floyd for a while now.. So, I did. Peep the video, download of the mp3 under the jump..

Produced/Mixed/Engineered by Dave Slappelle for Ello Covey™ #lifeonchill™ Contains sample from "Any Colour You Like" - Pink Floyd Contains sample from "Something's Got a Hold on Me" - Etta James taken from Avicii song "Le7els" original release June 2014

Follow Myc Ripley | https://twitter.com/mycripley | http://facebook.com/mychoggripley Follow Ello Covey™ | https://twitter.com/ellocovey | http://facebook.com/ellocovey | http://instagram.com/ellocovey

Myc Ripley Hosts ILAM's "California Odyssey Tour" - Sacramento/San Jose/Santa Cruz

Playa Rae & Trey C of Independent Like A M#fuka were in town fresh off their #6DOSTOUR and asked me to be the host of their California Odyssey Tour with headliner Wildcard from Seattle.
Of course I did, it featured artists Hazy & Navarre from Rock Springs Wyoming, and Overtime out of Missoula, Montana. YDMC and Different Dope Music, E-Piff & J.Wonder, Max Bundles, Task1ne, Sammy Warm Hands with Ogar Burle and Playz joined them as well. On a three night run from Sacramento to San Jose, ending in Santa Cruz, it was definitely an experience to see these artists come from across the US to Cali to rep for the first time! They even added some international flavor with artist Arel James from Sydney, Australia as a special guest. Here are some stills/snippets from the evening. Look for these artists as they have been doing their thing for a minute.

First stop on the run was...

BLUE LAMP | SACRAMENTO, CA (Arel James, Max Bundles, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

BACK BAR SoFA | SAN JOSE, CA (Arel James, Sammy Warm Hards w/ Ogar Burle, YDMC & Different Dope, E-Piff & J.Wonder, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

BOCCI'S CELLAR | SANTA CRUZ, CA (Arel James, Hologram Sun, YDMC & Different Dope, Playz, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

All in all, it was a cool couple nights, interesting, entertaining, political, and for sure a learning experience. Thanks to ILAM for putting together the shows and all the artists who took time to participate in this event!! #californiaodysseytour

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dell Feddi Ft. Myc Ripley & M.C. Strip - There You Go | NEW MUSIC

Check the new single from Dell Feddi off the album entitled "The Big BreadWinner" featuring Myc Ripley and M.C. Strip.. I believe it is pretty self explanatory. No emotions or precious animals were harmed during the recording of this epicness. Also, its a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Dell Feddi 'The Big BreadWinner' Available Now!! Go to http://www.DellFeddi.weebly.com

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Drainz Ft. Myc Ripley - Learn (Clip) | NEW MUSIC

Myc Ripley on a rudeboy feature wit di man dem Drainz, the first of a couple collaborative efforts from the duo! Check the clip, share and enjoy! Biggup, Keep ya eye dem open for the next tune soon come!!