Sunday, January 9, 2011

PURIFY The Album - 1.11.11

First off, let me start by saying, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" I really appreciate all the support and great words that have been given to me these last couple of months since my return from trying to commit suicide. That is all behind me now, as a new year begins and solidifies the year anniversary of that particular incident.

Now, I'm back on my grind and have released a mixtape compiled of all original songs that essentially played a factor in the said incident. This FREE mixtape 'Amidst The Darkness - The Prequel' is available via ReverbNation or Bandcamp in digital download form. Whichever one you fancy. This is a digital release only, make sure you pick this up. You'll be able to understand 'PURIFY The Album' in its entirety.

Still in all, you can fully understand the new album as it is definitely inspirational music. It takes you upon a "journey through the independent quadrant of the 408." Staying true to himself and never compromising his style or lyrical content, Myc Ripley is definitely making a statement in San Jose with this album. With topics such as, overcoming self loathing and suicide attempt, conspiracies, losing a job, and having twins amongst other things.

Contributing to "PURIFY The Album" are many producers from San Jose to Romania and the UK such as, Healthy Fresh Productions (SJ), Killah Records (Romania), & Dot Rotten (UK) along with others. Also, features fellow emcee Tequila Brown, who partners with Myc Ripley to make 'Sharkstyliens'. Oneself DaVinci & Ikaika Da Strong appear courtesy of Solar Power Music. Plus, Journeyman from EOS crew.

In closing, I would like to say, "THANK YOU" in advance for taking the time to catch up with me.. May this message reach you in good health, harmony and peace! Bless.. "PURIFY The Album" 01.11.11

-Myc Ripley


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  1. I'm so very excited for Purify!! Keep up the good work. You deserve all the love and success that comes your way :)