Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Myc Ripley - Part 3

Welcome to part 3!! It's 2014 and Myc Ripley has grown as a person, friend, artist, etc. There has been ups and downs, a couple cases caught, a new child, wife, and better plans for the future..

Since Part 2, Myc Ripley has been working with artists around the world, from US to Romania, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Also, he has been dipping into different genres of music from dubstep/grime, drum & bass, pop, dance. There is no boundaries that can hold back his talent. This man stays working, stays collaborating and will end up where he needs to be.

The project that was aimed to drop in February has been replaced with a different concept. Once again #FVXKERY will not be materializing. The Slappelle Show will be returning with its 4th installment, Introspection. Along with a whole new vibe of Myc Ripley on Aura Glorealis both coming later this year! Here is some concept art for Aura Glorealis, Slapp Show 3 is still in the planning phases.

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