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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tonik Obiektiv feat. Myc Ripley & Lion Messager – Nobody Cares (official video)

Yoo!! Once again, Myc Ripley has and his folks over in Romania hit you with another banger with substance!! This one is called "Nobody Cares" with Tonik Obiektiv and Lion Messager from France! Here is what Black Sheep Sound - Romania has posted on the video, translated straight from the site using translate.

Obiektiv Music Romania presents today music video "Nobody Cares" . This material promotes "Requiem for a Dream" which Tonik Obiektiv will officially launch this month. For the EP, the artist worked with John Diamond and Siem . The song is an international collaboration with Romania-France-USA Myc Ripley (San Jose / California) and Lion Message r (Switzerland / France). Production song belongs to Siem and John Diamond (Diamond Records). In this video worked Sega (Frategrafia) Joseph Higares (The High Dosage) Zeckart . Directed clip was made by Tonik Obiektiv and Sega. Artwork was designed by Nacu Alexander . Filming was carried out in several countries: Romania (former hospital "Scarlat Longinus"), Switzerland, France and California (San Jose).

video clip illustrates a series of contrasting elements, being selected frames enchanting nature landscapes, photos that are found or disused old buildings, narrow streets. Clip story sprang from message song. A new play with a social message about the struggle between man and nature, specifically about the nature of man-made imbalance that destroy little by little. A summary is found in one of his lyrics Tonik, "Planet cries for help."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Myc Ripley x Zaytoven | Migos - Viscuzi Viscuzi (Versace Overage)

Migos, who?!?!?! Myc Ripley just went in and cleared the air of some nonsense. Check the newest overage to Zaytoven's "Versace" instrumental. Middle finger up to the majority and trends.. Download and share alike. New album in February.

Monday, August 5, 2013

LOC Covey presents "Featuring Myc Ripley" Compilation

#LIFEONCHILL COVEY put this compilation together as a thank you to those who have let Myc Ripley grace their tracks!! Its gonna be pretty dope to promote himself as well as some real talented artists he has been able to work with.. That's how you show genuine respect to this music ish! 21 tracks of pure hip hop with meaning to those who can grasp it!

FEATURING MYC RIPLEY is a free download brought to you by L.O.C COVEY with tracks from Matty Slims & E.Sik, Arkain Music, Glasses, Azim Alhark, Tonik Obiektiv [Romania], Elemente Lipsa [Romania], Chica con Canna [Romania], Danny Day aka Sway D, Ookie of Baylingual, YDMC, Kerse Locs & Bossquach, Naked Slice, Ronu, MBtheSic, RayDS, Fourohate, Frugal Farmacy, No Alias, CalMarVA!

soon to be posted on Soundcloud and Youtube

Mixtape on Datpiff

Mixtape on Bandcamp

Friday, July 19, 2013

L.O.C Covey (Ello Covey) #lifeonchill

However you do it, keep #LIFEONCHILL. This is the L.O.C aka "Ello Covey"

L.O.C Covey, easier said as "Ello Covey" is the byproduct of unoriginality, biting, hating, negative energy, and the force feeding of social norms. To all that we say "Chill!!"

Our Motto is "Life On Chill." Constant Heat Instilling Longer Living. The heat of passion, drive, desire to create a legacy. The heat is the chill.

You can only control your existence and how you react/conquer situations. Situations and life are better handled on the chill. I believe most would agree.

The tagline is "That L.O That L.O.. If you know me, say HELLO!"

Basically, keep #LifeOnChill and use that heat to drive you forward. Peace to all kings and queens. One Love.

Myc Ripley
Founder | LOC Covey

"Sean Patrick | NEMESIS" Album is available, please download, donate, share!

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"Featuring Myc Ripley" Album due 8.5.13


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Monday, May 20, 2013


Its funny how the universe works, it brings you what you need when you need it. With that said, I had the pleasure to speak with an upcoming artist (rapper/singer) from Oakland, CA. A very humble and talented individual who took the time to reach out to The Slapp Factor™ via Twitter to promote his sound. Yogie Shankle and his brother Donny P, Shankle Mob. Right now they are promoting their new mixtapes “Did I Do That” and “Heart Breaker Mixxtape Vol.1” I received the chance to preview a couple tracks from the mixtapes that were very well put together. From singing to rapping from being a little child, learning piano at 9, vocal lessons at 11, beat making, and a constant love for hip hop. Yogie Shankles possesses a unique voice that stands out from what I’ve heard recently. I know y’all like, “Yogie” cause I was just a curious. I asked and he got his name from being a smooth slick talker that can for sure talk his way in and out of a lot of situation presented. Kind of like Yogi Bear. So, his fam deemed it necessary.

We spoke for a while longer about what it takes and how long he and Donny P. the stand for “Phenom” who is his right hand man and has been singing, belonging to his church choir since a child at 7 years. He raps also, so there will be a definite blend of the too on his “Heart Breaker Mixxtape” [artwork above] which is due out last quarter 2013. They have been performing constantly for the last two year around the bay and are about to it to Atlanta in the next week, Los Angeles afterward, and the Canada in August. I can say they are taking the right steps to get the job done for something they love.

Yogie’s mixtape titled, “Did I Do That” [artwork above] is due for June 10th this year. He also has an albumin the making which is taking his time on so its perfect when released. We’ll just have to keep an eye out for that release, but this mixtape will keep you slappin’ until then!

The first song I heard was titled “Bad” featuring Donny P. This song is definitely for the ladies.. It starts of real smooth with a clever bar to get you interested., “You’re a bad girl and your friends, you got the swag, drippin’ swagu.” Saucy. Laced with smooth harmony from Donny P, I believe this song will get the ladies moving and the players can pull something off it. If you got game like that.

After that, I heard “Addicted To Money” this was that slapp for sure. For all the money getters, this on featured B-Pill, Nuk F. Banga, and Blaze. This reminds me some old school 3xKrazy with a slight YMCMB.. Which is a good thing, because it relevant and you can tell they’re from Oakland. I can see this one getting the club yankin’ anywhere.. Dope production and clever lyrics, they show out on this track.

Last song I played was “Top Floor” feat Donny P. and Westside Major. A real triumphant sound in this song, real glorious letting you know that they are the ones heading to the top literally. Real stunna lyrics over a dancehall violin riddim. These songs can definitely compete with the current DJ rotations.

TWITTER:@YOGIESHANKLE @therealyogie on Instagram also
TWITTER:@iamDonnyPMuzik @iamDonnyPMuzik on Instagram also
Subscribe to their YouTube: Yogie Shankles

For booking or more information contact their Manager/CEO @LesleeTheBoss on twitter or shoot an email to: red.ent@aol.com

-Dave Slappelle


Since The Slapp Factor™ began, it has been promotion for everything Myc Ripley. From music to personal experiences that were few and far between, I have decided to take the blog a lot farther and start debuting/interviewing breakout artists other than myself and my Sharks In A 3 Peace Suit, Sharkstyliens, and L.O.C Covey family. That means more content and definitely more slappers from all over this huge world of music. Going forward, this year I would like to feature an artists every couple weeks that you all should lend an ear to. In these times, a share, a like, retweet, or anything of that nature helps an artist, because you never know who will be the next person to see and take to their music. Coppin’ the music is for sure the goal, but support plays its part in many ways. WE ALL OUTCHEA!! So, let’s make it happen!

Shout out and nothing but love to all that have been riding with Myc Ripley and friends. I do what I can for all of you out there when it comes to this music. At this point it feels right to step back and show off talent aside from mine. I’ve had ups and down since my last post some worth mentioning other not (that’s another blog post in itself) just know that I’m still on the grind and have many new ventures in the making. From California to overseas in many different areas, I’m still making it happen. Pushing this dream while wide awake. This is the new Slapp Factor with Dave Slappelle™. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, Nemesis album is still available for free download at bandcamp. If you would like to order a physical disc. CLICK HERE

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