Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Purify - The Album' JANUARY 11, 2011

Well, according to the last post I was done with the rap game/scene as a whole. I thought yet again that my words weren't needed in this dark place they call hip hop. Then I asked myself, "who gonna do it if I don't?" The rest is 'Purify - The Album"

After 'Amidst The Darkness - The Prequel' comes "Purify - The Album" The new 20 track release from San Jose's one and only Myc Ripley. Dropping on 01.11.11, this album is a light reflection of the last four years of Myc Ripley. The journey through "the indie quadrant of the 408" will touch on topics from having twins, losing a job, a suicide attempt, conspiracy theories, all entangled in cohesive rhyme schemes and incomparable patterns. The album also has various producers ranging from the UK and Romania back to USA (East and West Coast). With features from Tequila Brown (Sharkstyliens), Journeyman (EOS), Oneself DaVinci (Solar Power) this release will definitely bring more attention to sharkstyle San Jose. Biggup and respeck to those that played a part in creating my purification. Also, a whole hearted shout out to those that have supported Myc Ripley faithfully, you know who you are. This album is for you, thanks for being patient.

If you haven't already make sure you stop by the music page and hear some of the material leading up to this album. Only then will you grasp the full meaning of "Purify - The Album."

Enjoy life, it is all we have at times. Actually, it IS all we have. Bless up.


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