Saturday, August 2, 2014

Myc Ripley Hosts ILAM's "California Odyssey Tour" - Sacramento/San Jose/Santa Cruz

Playa Rae & Trey C of Independent Like A M#fuka were in town fresh off their #6DOSTOUR and asked me to be the host of their California Odyssey Tour with headliner Wildcard from Seattle.

Of course I did, it featured artists Hazy & Navarre from Rock Springs Wyoming, and Overtime out of Missoula, Montana. YDMC and Different Dope Music, E-Piff & J.Wonder, Max Bundles, Task1ne, Sammy Warm Hands with Ogar Burle and Playz joined them as well. On a three night run from Sacramento to San Jose, ending in Santa Cruz, it was definitely an experience to see these artists come from across the US to Cali to rep for the first time! They even added some international flavor with artist Arel James from Sydney, Australia as a special guest. Here are some stills/snippets from the evening. Look for these artists as they have been doing their thing for a minute.

First stop on the run was...

BLUE LAMP | SACRAMENTO, CA (Arel James, Max Bundles, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

BACK BAR SoFA | SAN JOSE, CA (Arel James, Sammy Warm Hards w/ Ogar Burle, YDMC & Different Dope, E-Piff & J.Wonder, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

BOCCI'S CELLAR | SANTA CRUZ, CA (Arel James, Hologram Sun, YDMC & Different Dope, Playz, Hazy & Navarre, ILAM, Overtime, Wildcard)

All in all, it was a cool couple nights, interesting, entertaining, political, and for sure a learning experience. Thanks to ILAM for putting together the shows and all the artists who took time to participate in this event!! #californiaodysseytour


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