Saturday, April 18, 2009

Myc Ripley - Part 2

Who is Myc Ripley? Really..

Alrighty then... Last time we left you, we were speaking on Myc Rip and the moves he's been making the last couple of months. (Actually years, but we'll get into that.)

Myc Ripley is that one guy. You see him in the back of large crowds doing his own thing, but you still can't help notice how magnetizing he is. There is definitely something about Myc Rip.

So... The until now, consists of a great deal of things. There is no more Inf8nitbeatslump and/or DLC Crew. THERE IS NO CALI'S FINEST. There are rumors, but it is what it is.

Now, there is just Myc Ripley and #lifeonchill.

You can see Sharkstyliens LIVE! Wednesday nights holding down The Cypher™ W/ Audio Dru, DJ Luicidal, both of 90.5FM KSJS and DJ Abe from 9p-2a Back Bar SoFA Downtown San Jose CA

Ok, back to the real. Since all the bullshit between who really wants to do this and who doesn't. I've been working non-stop on building a solid network. Yet in still, not to many real grinders are out there. It has been a blessing in the making though it's still being made. I roll with it. When I say "working" I have been doing exactly that... Working. I keep a 925 and maintaining two projects that are still taking off.

I also have kids, but who doesn't in this day and age. They are really my inspiration! My A-Team.

This is what keeps me pushin' this eye wide open dream I live.

My new project is called "Purify - Th'Album" and mixtape will be called "Amidst the Darkness." I'm doing some slapp collecting and conceptualizing for both these projects as we speak..

Next post will touch on each of my past projects individually.. Starting with "The Slappelle Show - Season 1"
then continue with Season 2. this bio is circa 2009.. the story is still continuing.. follow on twitter and such to keep the full updates!! Thanks for taking the time to find out who Myc Ripley is in 2014!!


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