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Monday, August 5, 2013

LOC Covey presents "Featuring Myc Ripley" Compilation

#LIFEONCHILL COVEY put this compilation together as a thank you to those who have let Myc Ripley grace their tracks!! Its gonna be pretty dope to promote himself as well as some real talented artists he has been able to work with.. That's how you show genuine respect to this music ish! 21 tracks of pure hip hop with meaning to those who can grasp it!

FEATURING MYC RIPLEY is a free download brought to you by L.O.C COVEY with tracks from Matty Slims & E.Sik, Arkain Music, Glasses, Azim Alhark, Tonik Obiektiv [Romania], Elemente Lipsa [Romania], Chica con Canna [Romania], Danny Day aka Sway D, Ookie of Baylingual, YDMC, Kerse Locs & Bossquach, Naked Slice, Ronu, MBtheSic, RayDS, Fourohate, Frugal Farmacy, No Alias, CalMarVA!

soon to be posted on Soundcloud and Youtube

Mixtape on Datpiff

Mixtape on Bandcamp