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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Myc Ripley (10/8/14 performance recap)

On the night of October 8th, Myc Ripley shared his heart and soul with those who attended the "Fighting Words Tour" featuring Diabolic from NY and many other artists from the San Jose area. This performance was by far one of the best ones given by the California native and #lifeonchill man himself. He graced the stage for about 20 minutes total and kept heads bobbin' and the folks in tune the whole time. Below are some friend submitted pictures, photos were not taken because every Myc Ripley show is a rare occasion. One must attend to see the amazing talent this man holds. Thanks to 408inc Booking, Playa Rae, The Cypher, Diabolic, and everyone else who made this possible. You are appreicated! Be on the lookout for The Slappelle Show 3 - Introspection.


In the middle levitating, caught up in this limbo!!! By @408inc "@mycripley_ live @backbarsj in San Jose #fightinwordstour #diabolic #408inc #musicmediagiants" #lifeonchill

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