Saturday, April 18, 2009

Myc Ripley - Part 1

Born November 10, 1979 and extremely Scorpio, Myc Ripley is true to his being. A native of Los Angeles, Myc Ripley (born B.Stuart) found himself in San Jose around the summer of 1993. Being with family, essentially escaping the grime and nonsense of the city of lost angels.

"Although , I have the heart of a lost angel, it feels good to be in an area where folks can't see you." - Myc Ripley

Myc Ripley began writing lyrics in '93 being influenced by Method Man's Tical project. Ultimately, it was his mothers constant playing of old reggae dancehall dub cassettes.

"BIGG UP MOMS!!!! 'cause she still hasn't stopped blastin' the dancehall." So then, as you can tell the family background is that of Jamaica. All reggae artists has provided some type of inspiration and/or portrayed an influence for Myc and all the music that is created by Myc Ripley.

In 1999, Myc Ripley wrote and recorded under the name of "Cozmick Da Ayth Wonder" for Calico Park Entertainment (CPE) in a duo group named "Flewid" where teamed with good friend "Sonick Da Ill Trooper" made a maxi single of never released tracks. Upon CPE vacating Palo Alto, CA looking for label sponsorship Flewid was left high and dry, eventually evaporating. Sonick moved to the dirty south and Cozmick tried to venture into his own production scheme.

By 2001, Cozmick Da Ayth Wonder hath become Mr. Mychogg (mike-hog) Ripley and started recording for himself in his own little shack based in Eastside San Jose where he formed The DLC - Dysfunctional Locol Crew, wanting to be a west coast Wu-Tang, DLC consisted of 4-5 members and couldn't gather collectively. So, Rip started recording himself and recorded over 150 unreleased and floating tracks to date. In that process, DLC phased out and Inf8nitbeatslump (Infinite Beat Slump) was formed. Rip's tracks have featured artists within the camp consisting of Smash Atoms, Krooked Keyz, BL, and ebreeze 3g for the sweet vocals.

Couple of years passed, Rip started dabbling in the production realm. Where he started recording more in depth and creating a mix of different music.

By 2003, Krook recruited Ace (Rauce Boss) Raustine (now Raustine D. Rauce), forming Cali's Finest between the two of them. Krook and Rauce had been rhymin together for sometime. After formally meeting, Rip offered to record Cali's Finest as their sound engineer, since he had been working on his own projects. In turn was invited to be a part of Cali's Finest making the duo a trio in the blink of an eye. They recorded "Knee Deep" The Mixtape under Muddy Water Entertainment in 2007...


From then until, Myc Ripley has dropped some mixtapes. A trio entitled, "The Dave Slappelle Show"- Seasons 1, 2, also Bootlegs and Bleezies. Then there is his latest 2008 mixtape, "The Adventures of Jack Rabbid". These projects are available at different sites for purchase and free download.

Presently, Myc Rip is working on yet another solo effort and mixtape that seems to be a lifetime in the making.
"BIGGUP and NUFF RESPECK in major way for the minority. WEST COASTIN 4eva eva!! If it ain't slappin I don't want it!!"
-Myc Ripley


"The Dave Slappelle Show: Bootlegs & Bleezies"



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