Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Makin' Redrum for Coffee - The Beat Tape"

Alright 'Amidst The Darkness - The Prequel™' is out now and off my plate (pshew! *wipes forehead*) If you haven't got a FREE copy of it, get it HERE NOW! (plz&thxu)

Glad that is out of the way! Now, its time to talk about this new beat tape that all of a sudden I'm putting together!! The name of it is going to be "Makin' Redrum for Coffee - The Beat Tape&trade." Take what you want from it...

All I know is that its gonna be a new type of beat tape that will not be compared to ever. I'm listening to all the artists that I get down with & then I tailor a beat specifically to their style of flow and instrumental selection. Which means, I am actually listening to more than tow of each artists songs.

Artists I have made for so far consist of: Sharks In a 3 Peace Suit (Tequila Brown, Matty Slims, & Nordy Derk of course), Megabusive, Solis Cin. Sampling some of the music no one would ever think of pulling a sample from. Also, I'll be creating originals.

This idea stemmed from Nordy Derk asking for a beat for his new album (BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT - Get a taste of it here!!) The rest is a wrap. I started makin for the rest of the crew.. Makin that redrum. Now you get it? I will be making for a bunch of artists. If they've done anything with me I got 'em.. Then the Beats/songs will be compiled with and without the lyrics dropped on them.

Not sure when this is gonna drop, but I know its coming!! Peace!


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