Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dammit!! Since April???

Whats up urrybody? Happy New Year! The last time I had time to get down was in April.. Good Lawd! Sorry to keep the information withheld. Real life called and I had to answer.

Well... Since then, other than trying to be the best father possible. Your boy Myc Ripley has been recording and finishing some more solo projects. Also, Shastyliens has recorded songs for their EP dropping real soon.

There has been so much going on, I don't even know where to start. April, May, June... Oh shit! Summer was off the hook! We moved into Mission Ale House (currently Freddie J's) and established the fact that #dubstep is a force to be wreckin with. I'll be makin that transition also! Dubstep Massive WHA GWAN!!
I have a good amount of ideas coming at y'all!!!

Sharkstyliens had an awesome year of networking and shows. MUCH RESPECT TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALLOWED US TO WORK WITH YOU!!!! We did run into some stagnant times and setbacks, but who doesn't? It's all about how you bounce back that determines if you're a ball or square. Y'dig? We did a couple shows to end out the year (props to Heart of Chaos and Mr. Fritzo) for giving us that opp!! It was a great way to end 2009!

Even more is cracking this year!! We just threw and performed at our first show of the year with the help of Denver Nytez and Mountain Charleys Los Gatos. Its all gel'n folks. It's a blessing! So, get ready to be inundated with #sharkstyle!!!

Personally, I'll be working on finishing up some projects started in late 08 and all of 09. Then I'll be on this #dubstep tier somethin fierce. I have a song for all in my next post.

These are the genres I'll be touching this year #dubstep #glitchhop #hiphouse #freshRock and #freshop. The last two I'll be coining myself as I drop the unorthodox on ya. Until my next post (which will be soon). One Love & blessings from above!


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