Friday, July 19, 2013

L.O.C Covey (Ello Covey) #lifeonchill

However you do it, keep #LIFEONCHILL. This is the L.O.C aka "Ello Covey"

L.O.C Covey, easier said as "Ello Covey" is the byproduct of unoriginality, biting, hating, negative energy, and the force feeding of social norms. To all that we say "Chill!!"

Our Motto is "Life On Chill." Constant Heat Instilling Longer Living. The heat of passion, drive, desire to create a legacy. The heat is the chill.

You can only control your existence and how you react/conquer situations. Situations and life are better handled on the chill. I believe most would agree.

The tagline is "That L.O That L.O.. If you know me, say HELLO!"

Basically, keep #LifeOnChill and use that heat to drive you forward. Peace to all kings and queens. One Love.

Myc Ripley
Founder | LOC Covey

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