Friday, July 9, 2010

Amidst The Darkness&trade - Free DL coming 07.25.10

Well, I know many folks have been waiting for Myc Ripley to drop something since "The Adventure of Jack Rabbid&trade" in 08.08.2008.. Its been about two years!! Personally, I had to find some peace of mind before and after I tried to take myself out the game permanently. So, now I am back and ready to get the 2nd half of the year crackin'!!!

Now, heading up to July 25, 2010, I have compiled two (2) albums for your listening pleasure!! Many of you have fell through to my Reverbnation page (player on the sidelines------>) and have visited various site that I am on.. I WANNA SAY, "THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!" The FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is specifically for you.. hahaa! Also, for others who stumble across it..

This album will be a prequel to my "debut" album (so to speak) called "Purify The Album&trade" (artwork after blog post) which is a compilation of trying to separate the dirt particles from the water cycle (flow) of San Jose and worldwide. This will be a physical CD so when you see me make sure you cop it or get it online for about 5 bux. Maybe even lower, who knows?

BUT GO NOW TO BANDCAMP and vibe out to the title track off the album!!! Also, be on the lookout for me in the streets with that "PURIFY THE ALBUM&trade" on 08.08.2010



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